From the wilds of rural Indiana come dragons, unicorns, pegasi and fauns; bag ladies and homeless old men and hungry eyed children. Raccoons with hair dryers, cows in rain slickers, and pigs in picture hats all spring from the hands and heart of me, Kathleen Summers. I share a house in Shelby County with my beloved, Marty, my artist daughter and her beloved, my grandson and a multitude of critters.  I have loved sculpting ever since my Play-Doh days. I got away from it somewhat during my teens and 20's but rediscovered its joys while working in a porcelain doll shop/teaching studio.. When my mobility became restricted and I was diagnosed with a debilitating neuromuscular disease I sold my kiln and became a polyclay junkie.  Now small creatures, most no taller than three inches, fashioned from polymer clay help to satisfy my creative urges, along with hand embroidery and micro- and regular macrame.  . 

          I have a loyal following, not only in the U.S. but internationally as well.  I have won numerous awards, including a First Place Blue Ribbon at the Indiana State Fair on the first and only time I participated.  I also received The President's Award as well as Best in Show in mixed media from the Knauf Christmas Art Competition several years running.  I have led well-attended workshops educating people about polymer clay and basic critter construction.  While I have no formal art training, I am a graduate of Lockyear Business College and attended Indiana State University. 

           Thank you for taking an interest in my work. Joy and happiness always!  ~~Kathy

                                                   ARTIST STATEMENT

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