Artist Statement

          The philosophy I live by is: Make your corner of the world a little better. If we all did this, the overlap would be tremendous and the world would be a bit less cruel. I want to bring joy to people. I want them, even if only for a moment or two, to forget their woes and sorrows. I want to bring them smiles and laughter. I do that by offering a lighter look at our world and ourselves. There are situations and conditions that need a more sober view: homelessness, hunger, intolerance, physical violence and abuse. I address these issues in a kind, thoughtful, often provocative manner. In these cases my goal is to raise our awareness beyond ourselves and our own immediate needs. I want us to look farther and reach further to offer help and healing to those who need it, in whatever way we are able.

          I haven't the physical stamina or ability to do as much as I'd like, but I can take a lump of clay and fashion it with love and care into something that will perhaps ease someone's pain, bring a smile to their face and light up their eyes. I can craft a little sculpture that can transport someone to another world, another time, if just for a moment. I can tell a story. In offering this part of me to you I also help myself. This is my therapy. This is how I escape the ho-hum and stress of everyday living. I relish the feeling I get when I create something. It helps me feel accomplished and valuable. Money is nice. Recognition is good. Passing on the love I feel through a little synthetic clump of clay and daub of paint is better.

          I wish you all happiness and joy always.
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