Dragon Tutorial

Barcy’s Dragon Tutorial



  1. Assemble pieces parts. Photo #1




  1. Roll and pinch the small end of the head shape to form the snout. It can be like the unicorn’s from the previous tutorial or pointy or short and squat. You’re the artist. Please yourself.  Photo #2 


  1. Attach the head to the body at the neck. Photo #3


  1. Set on the eyes. Photo #4


#2    #3   #4





#5  #6  #7


5. Lay the brow snake across the eyes a bit above the center.  Press an indentation into the middle. Play with these steps a bit. The placement of the eyes and the brow greatly changes the expression of the critter. Photo #5


  1. Put on balls of clay for the cheeks.  Blend and smooth and poke in dimples. Photo #5 and #6


7. Press in a line for the mouth, I use a corsage pin.  The corners of the mouth should start and end in a dimple. The mouth should follow the contour of the snout: pointy, square, rounded. Photo #7


#8   #9  #10



  1. Holding the head gently between thumb and forefinger poke in the nostrils. Photo #8 and #9


  1. Blend the tail onto the body. Photo #10



  1. Put on half balls for the hindquarters and blend seams. Photo #11


#12  #13


  1. Roll a foot shape on the end of the back legs. Make a depression in the other end for the hindquarters to sit. Photo #12


  1. Sit the hindquarters onto the legs. Photo #13   Blend the seam at the back and put in the little “I bend here” marks at the joints. Photo #14


#14   #15   


  1. Press horizontal lines across the chest. I roll mine on from side to side. Photo #15




  1. Roll a foot at the end of the front legs and bend at the “wrist”. Press in the fingers and toes and make toenail marks if desired.


  1. Attach the front legs to the body at the shoulder. Blend seams smoothly. Arrange the feet so the little guy will sit without assistance. Photo #16


#17   #18


  1. Roll a small snake and flatten half of it lengthwise. Press or roll scallops into the flattened edge. Photo #1


  1. Lay this onto the dragons back pressing slightly to hold in place. You will probably have to crimp it where the neck bends into the body. Photo #17


  1. Arrange the tail to suit. Photo #18



#19  #20


  1. Flatten the ear balls into ovalish shapes. Lay a toothpick on the end of an oval and pinch to crimp. (this is the end that attaches to the head) softly shape the other end into a point or round it off. Pull the ear off the toothpick and place on the side of the dragon’s head. Photo #19


[I lay the ear face down on the head with the bottom pointing to the tail/back. I smooth that end into the body and then lift and gently push the ear up and back into position, the Front of the ear facing out like it should. Photos #21 and #22 wing pictured, same technique]


  1. Twist or shape the horns or horn buds depending on the size you want them and place them into holes you have poked in the top of the head. Photo #20


#21     #22


  1. I use basic duck feet shapes for the wings. Kind of triangular. You can add wing detail if you want to, texture, lines etc. Attach the smaller, pointy end of the wing to the body just behind the shoulder area with the fullest, webby part pointing toward the tail. I use the same technique here as I do to attach the ears.


Wa-La!  A dragon critter of your very own.  Just bake and paint. Unless, of course you’ve used colored clay. :O)





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