Here are some people and places I would like to share with you. Enjoy!


Ursula Vernon is an inspiration for me. I find her sense of humor and talent always uplifting. She makes me laugh: a lot. Her art web site is:


Nigel Sade, an artist with an edge. I love his work and have translated some into embroidery. They are beautiful.  Find out more about him and see some of his work at


Tom Smith, the world’s fastest filker, is an incredible fellow.  Filk music has it’s roots in folk music but is more focused on popular culture. Tom makes me laugh. He can make me cry. His talent is. . .well, go see for yourself. You’ll be glad you did. Visit  www.tomsmithonline,com


Shirley Ann MacKillop is a polymer clay artist who takes my breath away. Her fairies and merflok are evocative and captivatingly beautiful. Her web site is:


Van Canto.  A capella heavy metal music? Yep and impressive to boot. I’m not much into heavy metal but this is AWESOME!  See ‘em on youtube.

Here is their web site.


Freecycling is a wonderful concept and well worth supporting in your area. It’s kind of like “one mans trash is another man’s treasure”. I am an avid freecycler. To see if there is freecycling where you are go to


Michele Gault is another very talented, and like me somewhat warped, polymer clay artist. I love her and her work. You just have to check out. her webshots albums as well as her other artist site.


And now the news from Flathead Valley Montana.

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