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From the wilds of rural Indiana come dragons, unicorns, pegasi and fauns;  bag ladies and homeless old men and hungry eyed children. Raccoons with  hair dryers, cows in rain slickers, and pigs in picture hats all spring  from the hands and heart of me, Kathleen Summers. I share a house in  Shelby County with my beloved, Marty, my artist daughter and her  beloved, my grandson and a multitude of critters.  I have loved  sculpting ever since my Play-Doh days. I got away from it somewhat  during my teens and 20's but rediscovered its joys while working in a  porcelain doll shop/teaching studio.. When my mobility became restricted  and I was diagnosed with a debilitating neuromuscular disease I sold my  kiln and became a polyclay junkie. Now small creatures,  most no taller than three inches, fashioned from polymer clay help to  satisfy my creative urges, along with hand embroidery, micro- and  regular macrame and suncatchers.

Thank you for taking an interest in my work. Joy and happiness always!  ~~Kathy

Artist Statement

The  philosophy I live by is:  Make your corner of the world a little  better.  If we all did this, the overlap would be tremendous and the  world would be a bit less cruel. I want to bring joy to people. I want  them, even if only for a moment or two, to forget their woes and  sorrows. I want to bring them smiles and laughter. I do that by offering  a lighter look at our world and ourselves.  There are situations and  conditions that need a more sober view: homelessness, hunger,  intolerance, physical violence and abuse. I address these issues in a  kind, thoughtful, often provocative manner.   In these cases my goal is  to raise our awareness beyond ourselves and our own immediate needs. I  want us to look farther and reach further to offer help and healing to  those who need it, in whatever way we are able.

          I haven't the physical stamina or ability to do as much as I'd  like, but I can take a lump of clay and fashion it with love and care  into something that will perhaps ease someone's pain, bring a smile to  their face and light up their eyes. I can craft a little sculpture that  can transport someone to another world, another time, if just for a  moment. I can tell a story.  In offering this part of me to you I also  help myself. This is my therapy. This is how I escape the ho-hum and  stress of everyday living. I relish the feeling I get when I create  something. It helps me feel accomplished and valuable.  Money is nice.  Recognition is good. Passing on the love I feel through a little  synthetic clump of clay and daub of paint is better.

I wish you all joy and happiness always.

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